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Watch Compliance (2012) Online Free. When a prank caller convinces a fast food restaurant manager to interrogate an innocent young employee, no-one is left unharmed. Based on true events.


Watch Compliance Online. Through the pantheon of "true story" films in cinema history, even the more outrageous ones have never gone so far that I've had trouble believing these events took place. Compliance, written and directed by Craig Zobel, details the true events of a fast food restaurant manager who is coerced by a prank caller impersonating a police officer into strip-searching an employee he claims is accused of a theft. It also has the distinction of being the first of this type of film to honestly leave me baffled by how these things could have actually occurred. Several times throughout the course of the film I had to remind myself that none of this was fabricated by Zobel's hand, or else I would have written the picture off as being unbelievable.

The actions these characters take are at times incredibly hard to grasp, and would have been impossible for me had they not been based entirely in fact. Having been met with incredibly polarizing reactions at Sundance this year, including several audience members who walked out of the picture, anyone going in is bound to be preparing themselves for an uncomfortable experience. However, I don't think there is a way to truly ready yourself for some of the territories of unease that Zobel explores here. Watch Compliance Online Free

As the caller, portrayed with disturbing glee by Pat Healy (a world away from his Innkeepers character prior this year), draws more gullible pawns into his twisted game the stakes get raised and he has to up the ante to keep himself entertained on the other end of the phone. I do think that Zobel made a slight mistake in focusing attention on Healy's character a little too much, but the core of the action takes place within the backroom of the restaurant (the fictional Chickwich, substituting for McDonald's) and this is where the film hits its disturbing highs.

Watch Compliance Online While the manager (Ann Dowd) allows herself to be tricked into this man's desires, we see young employee Becky (Dreama Walker) exposed and degraded, yet Zobel makes a point to never exploit his subjects at any moment. Walker, in a remarkably brave and disquieting performance, spends the large majority of her screen time in various stages of undress and positions ripe for sexualization but Zobel doesn't allow his audience any opportunity to see these events for anything other than the disturbing truth that they entail. A lesser filmmaker could have easily spent time panning over the tiniest details of her body, but Zobel is focused on the honesty of this horrific event, a shattering display of the response to an authority figure and the gullibility of some members of society.

In Compliance Zobel makes sure to never judge or exploit his subjects or his actors, but rather to tell the true events in the most blunt way possible and it's his approach here that makes the film as impressive as it is. I won't go so far to spoil anything, but he carefully works around Walker in order to never hide the truth of the matter without subjecting her to anything distasteful, to the point where the most potentially graphic scene in the picture takes place almost entirely off camera. Working with all of his actors, even the smallest players, to bring out an authenticity that caught me off guard, Zobel gives this an almost documentary-like feel throughout. Musical cues come in only in small increments and he mostly stages the action squarely within the confines of that backroom, not allowing us many moments to escape the escalation of Becky's circumstance and the shocking response of those around her. Watch Compliance Online

Every actor brings something unique and necessary to Compliance, but it's ultimately Ann Dowd who stands out the most, playing a character who would have easily been painted as an unintelligent villain with a level of humanity that brings her to a much more rounded place. This is a woman whose stress level is risen to a place that has her vulnerable to the kind of authoritative figure that Healy presents himself as and all of the pieces unfortunately fall into place for his scheme to work in his favor. Dowd makes this woman feel as real as the situation itself, allowing the audience to realize that her character was a victim in all of this as well.

Compliance walks a fine line where at any moment it could slip into utter disbelief or pure exploitation, but Zobel is able to handle it all with an eye for where that line is and he handles his picture in an incredibly appropriate fashion. As I said at the start of this piece, there were moments where I honestly would not have believed these things had occurred if they actually hadn't, and it's made all the more disturbing by the knowledge that there were aspects of the story Zobel didn't include because he felt they were too unbelievable. Compliance is a challenging picture, undoubtedly, and one that could leave many people wanting to head for the door -- but for those who stay, they should find it one that is ultimately rewarding in its refusal to compromise or be anything less than true in its approach. Just Watch Compliance Online to find out more about the Compliance (2012)
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